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			 2021, Family		
		15 Excellent Reasons To Get The Kids A Dog	
					As a kid, you may remember running to your parents and begging them for a puppy - and they most likely told you no. The reason? Puppies are big work! They take time to get to know, to train, and to understand you as their master. The thing is, you're the parent this time around, which means that you can say yes if you want to! There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide to introduce a dog to the family. You have to consider whether you have the time to dedicate to the dog being				


			 2021, Children, Family		
		The Common Worries Parents Have When It Comes To Technology And Children	
					One common complaint many parents can feel united on is the subject of their children and the use of technology with gaming and social aspects of it. Each year you find there is a new games console added to the Christmas list or the request for a phone or tablet. The latest game that you need to purchase or even the latest technology to run alongside the game's console. Things like headphones, or different types of controllers. However, while there is nothing wrong with kids having these things added to their Christmas wish list, a lot of parents will be starting				


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		How To Successfully End An Argument With Your Partner	
					Bickering, quarreling, arguing; call it what you will, but many of us engage in arguments with our partners from time to time. We shout and slam doors. We bear grudges and let arguments fester. We say things we regret and hear things we don't like in return. And we cry, worry, and blame not only the other person but ourselves as well, and live in guilt for a while. Some of us are prone to ending arguments badly. And some of us don't end arguments at all. We live with resentment, and in worst-case scenarios, we end our relationships, often with				


			 2020, Family, Parenting, Teenager		
		4 Self-Isolation Hazards Facing You And Your Teenager	
					Apart from being boring, quarantine is something that most families get on with without much thought. Hopefully, sometime soon, the world will go back to normal, and we can forget this horrible period. Until then, it’s about keeping calm and carrying on because panicking isn’t healthy.As commendable as this attitude is, it’s flawed. Why? It’s because there are many hazards in the home, and there are some you don’t know to exist. For you, it’s potentially dangerous, yet for your kids, it’s worse as most of them apply to millennial and Generation Z demographics.Photo CreditWith that in mind, there				


			 2020, Parenting		
		Going Back Into Education As A Parent	
					Going back to education is hard enough when you’re an adult, but when you’re a parent? Well, that’s a whole new kettle of fish. As you’re responsible for other, smaller individuals, you can’t just up and study. Add in a full-time or part-time job that you’re committed to, and it can be even harder. However, nothing is impossible when it comes to getting more education in your life. Here are some tips for going back to school as a parent.Consider Time & BudgetThe first thing to consider is if you do have the time and budget to spare for				


			 2020, Travel		
		Top Vacation Spots For 2020	
					If you are planning your next vacation, your main decision is, of course, going to be the destination! In this blog post, we are going to take a look at three of the best vacation spots for 2020. So, let's get right to it…Image by David Mark from PixabaySharm el-Sheikh, EgyptSharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations in the entire world. The luxurious city is a regular in top ten holiday lists and alike. However, a lot of people deter from booking a trip there because they deem it to be far too expensive. You may have had				


		3 Mistakes to avoid when redesigning your backyard	
					With summer around the corner, you have all the reasons to redesign and landscape your garden. Warm and sunny days give you a chance to brighten up your lawn to get a cozy spot to busk on lazy afternoons. But do you often find yourself feeling like you have done the wrong thing when landscaping your backyard? If so, you might want to avoid the mistakes you've made before while redesigning your yard. Keep reading to learn about these three mistakes that you should avoid in your garden design.Ignoring the SeasonsEvery backyard looks beautiful in spring and summer, but				


			 2020, Family, Family Activities		
		Tips for planning a successful family celebration	
					Birthdays, weddings, graduations, family reunions, and christening! It doesn’t matter the type of family celebration you are planning, but for you to make it memorable and enjoyable for everyone, you need a plan. Planning will allow you to have everything covered and ready for the big day, so you can also spend time enjoying the party. Just because you are planning doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun. These party planning tips are just what you need.Creat a Guest ListFamily means a lot of things to a lot of people. You might be thinking of your sisters, cousins, and uncles,				


			 2020, Health, Mom Life, New Baby		
		Importance of ‘Me Time’ for New Moms	
					Becoming a parent is a life-changing event for both the mother and father. However, for new moms, the changes are enormous. The impact of hormones can lead to the baby blues and sometimes post-natal depression. Of course, the baby will be the most important thing in a mother’s life from that moment onwards, but neglecting yourself will only make things feel worse. Continue reading for our advice when it comes to the importance of ‘me time.’ Photo CreditWhy?Why is it important to create a little time for yourself? Your life has changed forever, and rather than being seen as				

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